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Dancing With You is a song I wrote for my now-wife. I’m so excited to be married to my best friend and beautiful charismatic lover! The song encompasses all the feelings I felt the first week when we met and is about being vulnerable and asking for the trust of someone who you think you could learn to care for. Dancing With You is also the first song I have fully produced and performed on! I look forward to producing and releasing many songs to come!


Working off the success of his debut single "Wild and Free", Michel is set to release his second single on September 30th, "Where's Your Church". The idea for Where's Your Church came about during a conversation with his partner about the way we might act after leaving the Sunday church service... Do we take the lessons learned during church and apply them to the rest of our week? Do we love like God at every opportunity? Where's Your Church is about the assignment to love like God outside of the church, everywhere, and every day.


Wild and Free is a feel-good and energetic track that makes you want to jump in your car, throw the windows down, feel the wind, and soak up the sun.

Catchy guitar riffs and a memorable chorus will keep this song on your playlist for the weeks to come.

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