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Michel Dey, born in southern Saskatchewan, is a touring drummer who transitioned into a Modern Faith Country solo artist. Michel currently resides in Regina, SK Canada, and is influenced by the idea of writing songs that can become the soundtrack to the listener's most sentimental memories. Writing songs the listener can relate to is important to Michel, he thrives on personal experiences and moments that encourage life to spring alive with excitement.

Finding a voice in Faith Country music came naturally for Michel; his roots are grounded in the Country music he heard on AM radio while growing up in the small Saskatchewan town of Kindersley. Valuing a relationship with God has been the cornerstone of Michel's life decisions, and recently he has put his faith first and taken on the role of Praise and Worship Leader at his local church and has been busy writing songs for God.

Working off the success of his debut single "Wild and Free", Michel is set to release his second single on September 30th, "Where's Your Church". The idea for Where's Your Church came about during a conversation with his partner about the way we might act after leaving the Sunday church service... Do we take the lessons learned during church and apply them to the rest of our week? Do we love like God at every opportunity? Where's Your Church is about the assignment to love like God outside of the church, everywhere, and every day.

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